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Burbank CA Divorce Mediation Lawyer Jami Fosgate

Divorce Mediation is an effective and efficient alternative to expensive and antagonistic divorce litigation. Burbank Divorce Mediation Attorney, Lawyer Jami Fosgate has extensive training and experience helping couples work out the details of their Divorce through Mediation through her private practice. She also serves as a volunteer Divorce Mediator for Los Angeles County Superior Court.

If you and your spouse are getting divorced and are seeking a peaceful dissolution of your marriage, Divorce Mediation is a low cost alternative to expensive and emotionally draining litigation.

Please contact a skilled and successful Divorce Mediator in Burbank at the Fosgate Family Law & Mediation Center by calling (818) 827-7157. A couple may schedule a FREE one hour consultation.

During your consultation, Burbank Divorce Mediation Lawyer Jami Fosgate will meet with you and your spouse to determine if you are good candidates for the Mediation Process. This will be based on your willingness to work together, learning to employ effective communication skills for the benefit of your children, and focusing on the art of compromise to create a Settlement Agreement that is reasonable and acceptable to both parties.

The Divorce Mediation Process

Divorce Mediators are neutral professionals who work diligently to facilitate discussion and settlement between the divorcing couple. Divorce Mediators help the couple to set aside hostility and redirect their focus to reach agreements in the best interest of their family – particularly when children are involved.

Divorce Mediation Services can be used to settle all divorce related issues, including parentage, child support, child custody, child visitation / parenting plans, spousal support (‘alimony’), and the division of community and separate property assets and debts.

In addition to divorce matters, Mediation is also an excellent choice for same sex couples seeking dissolution of their Domestic Partnership.

This process allows the parties to maintain control of the results and develop creative strategies for resolving their conflicts – creativity that is not available in Court when a case is litigated. Divorce Mediation provides the couple with the ability to make their own decisions, without letting a stranger – a judge - who is unfamiliar with your family circumstances and lifestyle determine your fate and that of your children.   

The fees & costs of Divorce Mediation are significantly less than Divorce Litigation which can run into tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars or more per party. At Fosgate Family Law & Mediation Center, the average cost, including Mediation sessions, preparation of court pleadings, court filing fees, and turning your Settlement Agreement into the “Stipulated Judgment” required by the court to finalize your case is between $5,500 and $8,000.  

Burbank Divorce Mediation Lawyer Jami Fosgate also provides the following Divorce Mediation Services.

If you are already participating in a mediation with your spouse, then Jami Fosgate can:

Contact a Divorce Mediation Attorney in Burbank for Additional Information

Burbank Mediation Attorney Jami Fosgate helps parties work through difficult matters pertaining to their divorce together and provides a peaceful and respectful environment in which they can resolve their disagreements.

Contact the Fosgate Family Law & Mediation Center by calling (818) 827-7157 for more information and to schedule a free joint couples consultation.

Conveniently located in Burbank next to Warner Brothers Studios, Lawyer Jami Fosgate has several satellite offices and represents clients who live throughout the region. Call today to learn if Divorce Mediation is the right alternative for you to avoid an emotionally and financially devastating divorce litigation.

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