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Eagle Rock Divorce Attorney | Jami Fosgate

You Have a Choice

With skill and experience, Divorce Lawyer Jami Fosgate serves the Eagle Rock community, helping clients resolve divorce issues and family law matters in an amicable and affordable manner. Based on her own personal experience, professional training, and years of legal experience, Ms. Fosgate has an in-depth understanding of the divorce process and California’s laws regulating divorce. She knows how her clients are profoundly affected by the process, and she strives to put her clients in control of decisions during every stage of divorce. Eagle Rock Family Law Attorney and Mediation Lawyer Jami K. Fosgate

Ms. Fosgate is a knowledgeable Collaborative Divorce Lawyer and Divorce Mediation Attorney who effectively guides clients through divorce with peaceful alternatives to the costly and lengthy traditional method of divorce by litigation.

When making the difficult choice to divorce, a couple also faces the complex, often confusing legal process to sort out divorce-related matters. With compassion, Eagle Rock Divorce Lawyer Jami K. Fosgate assists clients to reasonably minimize hostility toward each other in order to create legally binding agreements allowing each party to move forward in a positive direction. The entire family benefits in these situations as the former spouses become successful co-parents for the children.

Contact Divorce Attorney Fosgate at 818-827-7157 for a FREE couple's consultation to discuss your situation and learn whether a collaborative divorce or divorce mediation may be the best approach to resolve your legal matters.

Divorce Solutions from an Experienced Eagle Rock, CA Divorce Lawyer

As a knowledgeable divorce professional, Family Law Attorney Jami K. Fosgate has focused her practice on helping clients sidestep divorce litigation and the stressful, destructive patterns which often accompany the traditional manner of divorce. Eagle Rock Divorce Attorney Fosgate provides skilled legal services as a Divorce Mediation Attorney and Collaborative Divorce Lawyer, in addition to creating solutions for Child Support, Pre-Marital Agreements, Child Custody, and other divorce-related issues.

Divorce Mediation Lawyer

With extensive training as a Divorce Mediator, Divorce Mediation Attorney Fosgate helps couples as they work out unresolved divorce details. By choosing divorce mediation, couples receive a peaceful, creative marriage dissolution with agreements on all family-related matters. Eagle Rock Divorce Mediation Lawyer Jami Fosgate offers a respectful environment and professional guidance so clients are able to achieve effective results.

Collaborative Divorce Attorney

As an experienced and professionally trained Collaborative Divorce Lawyer, Ms. Fosgate helps clients achieve an amicable, efficient divorce in a structured collaborative process designed to reduce the potential for future legal conflicts. With each divorcing spouse having a separate Collaborative Divorce Attorney, the parties cooperate with advice from their team while producing joint decisions on divorce-related matters.

Spousal Support Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer Fosgate helps clients as they sort out issues of spousal support. As a Spousal Support Attorney for the Eagle Rock, California community, Ms. Fosgate ensures accurate data is included in spousal support calculations. By law, the judge will analyze more than a dozen factors in order to determine the duration and amount of payments. Contact our office if spousal support is an issue in your divorce.

Property Division Attorney

Because California is a community property state, the division of property during the divorce process often becomes complex. Property Division Lawyer Fosgate works carefully to ensure each client’s assets and debts are equitably divided. Divorce Attorney Fosgate will work closely with you to help determine the best course of action for achieving your legal goals.

Post-Judgment Modification Lawyer

If your circumstances have changed after you’ve received a court order for child support, spousal support, or child custody, contact Post-Judgment Modifications Attorney Jami K. Fosgate. She is a caring, experienced Eagle Rock Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Lawyer who can handle your case, even if she did not initially represent you in this matter.

Call Eagle Rock, CA Divorce Lawyer Fosgate for a Comprehensive Consultation

As an experienced Divorce Attorney, Ms. Fosgate serves clients living and working in Eagle Rock and in communities throughout Southern California. She seeks to help individuals who are currently contemplating divorce or separation, individuals who are currently separated, individuals who have decided to get a divorce, and individuals whose divorce case is currently stalled in court.

Eagle Rock Divorce Attorney Jami Fosgate offers a FREE, comprehensive consultation to couples. If you are looking to end your marriage with minimal animosity, call our office today, 818-827-7157.