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Glendale Family Law Attorney and Mediator Jami Fosgate provides attentive and professional services to people who live and work in Glendale and surrounding areas. Glendale Divorce Mediation Attorney Jami K. Fosgate

We focus on helping people reach amicable and affordable solutions to their Family Law matters while avoiding costly and stressful divorce and family law litigation.

If you and your spouse or partner have made the difficult decision to separate or divorce or if you are trying to resolve post-judgment issues such as modification of child support, spousal support (alimony) or child custody (parenting), Glendale Family Law Lawyer Jami Fosgate is dedicated to helping you maintain respectful relationships and avoid destructive litigation.

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The Fosgate Family Law and Mediation Center provides numerous services designed to help clients save time, money and frustration which often arises during contested divorce cases, including:

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