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North Hollywood Family Law Lawyer | Jami Fosgate

You Have a Choice

North Hollywood Divorce Lawyer Jami Fosgate assists couples and individuals in North Hollywood, Los Angeles County, and California in completing amicable divorce, separation, and post-divorce family law matters. Call our family law office when you need a collaborative divorce attorney or help with child support and other related cases. North Hollywood Family Law Attorney and Mediation Lawyer Jami Fosgate

We are dedicated to helping families find peaceful, practical solutions in family law matters. Whether you are dealing with spousal support, child custody/visitation/support, or another post judgment or divorce matter, our services provide more amicable and affordable options over litigation.

North Hollywood Family Law Lawyer Jami Fosgate is pleased to offer a FREE couple's consultation.

If you would like to make an appointment with North Hollywood Divorce Attorney Fosgate, please call our office. We schedule consultations during business hours, and we are also able to create evening appointments when needed.

North Hollywood Family Law Lawyer

Most contested divorces unfortunately include expensive and time-consuming courtroom battles. Alternatively, North Hollywood Family Law Attorney Jami Fosgate provides a way to settle family law issues outside the courtroom in a more affordable, efficient, and peaceful manner.

As an accomplished mediator, North Hollywood divorce attorney Fosgate helps families meet the challenges of divorce and separation. Call Lawyer Jami Fosgate for assistance in the following family law practice areas.

Divorce Lawyer

We guide clients through the process of divorce and separation, handling contested and uncontested cases as well as default and collaborative divorces. If you need a North Hollywood attorney to draft or review a marital settlement agreement or provide settlement negotiation or divorce mediation, please contact our office to schedule your consultation.

Post-Judgment Modification Attorney

If you or your ex-spouse have had a change in income or other circumstances, you may need a post-judgment modification to adjust support or other matters. North Hollywood Post Judgment Modification Lawyer Fosgate supports families in these areas and assists them in finding the most beneficial solutions. Our methods of settlement negotiation, collaborative representation, and mediation are effective and produce real results.

Dissolution of Domestic Partnerships

When it is time to dissolve a domestic partnership, there may be certain matters such as asset division, child custody and support, adoption, or partner support that need to be addressed. Domestic Partnerships Attorney Fosgate provides affordable legal guidance on these issues.

Child Support Lawyer

Our family law and mediation center uses the same program that the courts use to determine the amount of child support. We help parents to understand the purpose of child support and identify any options available in this area.

Visitation, Parenting, and Child Custody Attorney

Using the collaborative divorce process, Child Custody Lawyer, Child Visitation Lawyer, and Child Support Attorney Jami Fosgate helps parents develop a co-parenting plan that works for their family and meets the challenges that divorce presents.

Spousal Support Lawyer & Alimony Attorney

The determination of spousal support depends on factors such as the earning capability and education of both parties, the level of support either party gave the other in gaining an education, how long the couple was married, and what marital standard of living the couple had. Call Spousal Support Attorney Jami Fosgate for help in determining and procuring proper spousal support.

Property Division Lawyer

As California is a community-property state, divorces here often include disagreements on the characterization or value of certain assets. As a knowledgeable and skilled North Hollywood property division attorney, Ms. Fosgate enlists the help of professional forensic accountants, appraisers, and more to arrive at a reasonable debt and asset division.

Pre-Marital Agreement Lawyer

Call Attorney Fosgate when you need a neutral mediator to help create a sound prenuptial agreement. If a couple already has a mediator, Ms. Fosgate can advise as a consulting pre-marital agreement attorney.

North Hollywood Family Law Lawyer, Child Custody Attorney, and Child Visitation Attorney Fosgate assists clients in finding cooperative and mutually respectful solutions to divorce-related issues.

Collaborative Divorce in North Hollywood, California

As a skilled and caring North Hollywood collaborative divorce lawyer, Attorney Fosgate offers efficient and effective legal services. If you are interested in limited-scope consultation and legal document preparation for a flat fee, please call our office. We work with clients to find the right solution to their family law needs.

Ms. Fosgate is a diligent legal document preparation attorney who guides clients through the process of creating, serving, and filing the documentation required in a family law case.

North Hollywood Divorce Lawyer, Legal Document Preparation Lawyer, and Spousal Support Attorney Jami Fosgate works to bring opposite sides together so that a practical and functional agreement can be reached. If you are interested in working with a collaborative divorce mediation attorney and property division lawyer, please contact our law office and Family Law Attorney Fosgate today.

Call a Knowledgeable North Hollywood Divorce Attorney

Individuals or couples who wish to reduce the conflict and stress that usually occurs during a divorce or separation can find effective support from our skilled North Hollywood family law attorney, post-judgment modification attorney, and domestic partnerships lawyer.

If you would like affordable legal help that really makes a difference in your family law case, contact Fosgate Family Law and Mediation Center by dialing (818) 827-7157. Call our office today and make an appointment for a consultation with our experienced family law lawyer, divorce mediation lawyer, and divorce lawyer.


When you are driving to our family law center from the area around North Hollywood City Government Office, head southeast on Lankershim Boulevard. Take a slight right at Vineland Avenue. Then go left on Riverside Drive. Take the 134 East. Exit at Pass Avenue. Go right onto North Pass Avenue. Go left on West Alameda Avenue. Then turn right at North Hollywood Way. Turn left when you come to West Olive Avenue. Continue to 3500 West Olive Avenue, which will be on your right.